It has been some years since we have found a book-form camping directory we could resommend - well, there is a new one (not ours) called "RVers Best Public Campgrounds - 2nd Edition by Lee Zabrowski" that really belongs on you camper dashboard, no matter what computer or other electronic gear you use.


Some ways to take the campground data with you are:
  • Use our CampFone web app in the browser on your phone, tablet or laptop if you have an internet connection (See our MOBILE TIPS) or
  • Use one of the mobile apps that include our database
  • Download the data files (below) and load them into your laptop mapping software - buy "Streets and Trips"** (see note at bottom of this page) by Microsoft, or "Street Atlas" by DeLorme - each about $35.  Also, there are now some Android and Apple mapping/routing apps  that you can load  these data files into your mobile device (see red below), or
  • Download the data files (below) and load them into your auto GPS and print the area map for where you are going
We do not have the data in book form - there are far too many campgrounds to show on paper maps and with good GPS units under $75 why settle for less than good maps and detailed directions?


For your GPS or laptop mapping software. There are both .csv and .gpx formats:  

The .csv files (commas between fields) will open as Excel files, good for general manipulation.  The first 3 columns are for direct input to Garmin GPS (See our GPS TIPS). The remaining columns separate out the data so you data tinkerers  can manipulate them in a spreadsheet for other purposes - e.g., you might wish to reformat these on a spreadsheet for your mapping software (DeLorme*, Streets & Trips**).

Android and Apple mapping/routing apps

The .gpx files (GPS data exchange text file format) are for input to mapping software requiring .gpx format, such as the Locus app for Android and Galileo app for Apple (both function off-line, are excellent and free)***.  Locus allows you to specify a url to transfer a  data file directly  without downloading (what Locus calls a "remote file") - in this case the url you put into Locus would look like:  
http://www.uscampgrounds.info/poi/westcamp.gpx (replace "westcamp" with the filename you want from the table below)(select "ignore all" when Locus detects "same name")

For information about how to input these to your auto GPS (like Garmin, TomTom or Magellan), see our GPS TIPS.

The fields in the below .csv files are in this order: lon, lat, gps composite field (ie: all the following data fields compacted into one field for a single-field GPS or mapping software display), 4 letter campground code (corresponds to map), campground name, type, phone, dates open, comments (COMM), number of campsites, elevation (feet), amenities (AMEN), state, distance and bearing from nearest town. 

The tags in the below .gpx files are just lat,lon, (4 letter) name and description (=gps composite field as above).  IMPORTANT: All of these codes are explained in the map legend on the main page.  NOTE: The  "comments" are sometimes very important.  
Last update of these files was March 20, 2014. Left or right click on the files below to download them, whatever works for you. These files are intended for your personal use, please don't re-distribute them. Thank you.

Download our data  (below) to your main computer then transfer it to your mobile device.

.csv .gpx
.csv .gpx
MidwestCamp ('IA','IL','IN','KS','MI','MN',
.csv .gpx
NortheastCamp ('CT','DE','MA','MD','ME','NH',
.csv .gpx
SouthCamp ('AL','AR','FL','GA','KY','LA',
.csv .gpx
CanadaCamp ('AB','BC','MB','NB','NL','NS',
.csv .gpx

* With Delorme Road Atlas, apparently you need the PLUS verions to do this.

** If you have Microsoft "Streets and Trips" you can now get all our campgrounds as part of the "POI Mega File - pushpin collections for truckers, RVers, and other travelers" at www.laptopgpsworld.com/2595-poi-mega-file-pushpin-collections-truckers-rvers-other-travelers Look for "Public Campgrounds" after you download this.

*** Other apps you might try are; for Android BackCountry Navigator; for Apple Gaia GPS